Call for papers


What is it and what did the European Union become? What is and where it lies its power? What is the balance of this power, who exercise it and how, to what purpose and objectives? Are indeed these the aims set out in the Nice Charter? How is the constraint of a balanced budget, as well as the technocratic imposition of «the» reforms, compatible with these purposes? Also, how is this imposition compatible with democracy, that is, with the self-determination of citizens who are intended to be both makers and recipients of collective decisions? By measuring the gap between what the European Union has become and the spirit of its original ideal project —i. e. as outlined in the Ventotene Manifesto— one gets the impression of a disturbing distance between them. It is essential to critically reconsider and analyze without bias this distance in terms of how the European Union is structured and acts at several levels.

Teoria politica welcomes papers on the following topics:

  • Technocracy and democracy in Europe.
  • The power structure in the European Union.
  • Rights after the end of the European social model.
  • Effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the Nice Charter.
  • Europe in the face of migrants and refugees

Wars of civilization, barbarism of war

Since the end of the Cold War, «hot war» once more became the normal state of international relations, both in terms of reality and popular consciousness. The world is again permeated everywhere by war. Traditional wars, but especially «new wars»: those wars in which it is claimed that no particular interests by those who undertake it, even legitimate, are involved; these are therefore tools of a new —or very rare in history— kind of politics, untouched by the perpetual conflict with ethics: no more Realpolitik but Idealpolitik. These are just wars inasmuch as they are defensive wars: defense of civilization against barbarism. What civilization? Whose civilization? «Our» civilization? Whose barbarism? Of terrorists? Of the so-called «radical Islamists»? Or indeed of Islam as such, as loudly claimed by the widespread and actively nourished biased ignorance? Is it possible to draw up an overall review of the wars «of civilization», «for human rights» or «to export democracy» conducted in the name of Western values since the ‘90s? Finally, how can this be contextualized in the framework of the wider setting of so-called traditional wars that have ravaged broad regions of the word for decades and are now creeping back onto the European territory?

Teoria politica particularly welcomes papers on the following topics:

  • Rethinking the Category of «New War».
  • Phenomenology, Geography and History of the «New Wars».
  • Religious Wars Today.
  • Europe and the War, from Kosovo to Ukraine.
  • Africa, a Continent at War.
  • War, Rights and the West.

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Deadline: November 30, 2015